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color: Gray; Hoariness; white
mesh: 800,1250,2500,5000

Zeeosphere are light gray or white, light, inert and nonmetallic hollow ceramic spheres in the range from 15μm to 100μm . With N2 or CO2 inside, the material has excellent fluidity as well as sound electric and heat insulation. Hence it is called "The Space Era Material".

Chemical Composition:

Composition SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 CaO MgO Na2O,K2O C TiO2
Content 55-65 26-35 0.2-1 0.2-0.6 1-2 0.5-4.0 0.01-2 0.5-2

Physical Properties of Zeeosphere:

Particle size μm 1-10
Bulk density g/cm3 0.9-1.2
Specific gravity   1.8-2.45
Compressive strength kg/cm2 4000-7000
Thermal conductivity kcal/m. h.℃ 0.05-0.1
Resistance Ωcm2 1011-1013
Melting point ≥1450
Shape   Roundness
Color   Hoariness; white
Moisture % <1

Main Usage of Zeeosphere:
  1.Fire and water-proof materials, processed asphaltum, high-level road pavement, concrete repair materials.
  2.Floors, boards, wires and lines, insulating devices, sole, conveyer belt, vehicle parts and bodies, fender-guard, etc.
  3.The products of POM, PA, PBT, PET, PP and so on. Like panels, boards, vehicle decorations, glass fiber products.
  4.Paints, bond, dopes for walls, vehicle putty, insulating, antiseptic and fire proof of paints.

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